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Power Cart Usage

Rider Package

Members that have paid for a Cart Rider Package have the privilege of unlimited use of a power golf cart for the season. Availability of power carts is subject to change due to tournament bookings, weather conditions, and peak times. Members are advised to always reserve required carts at the time of booking to assist the Pro Shop with fleet management. Rider package holders have only paid for their portion of the cart; therefore anyone riding with them must have either a rider package or have paid the Pro Shop the required fees. All operators of a power cart must possess a valid driver’s license and/or be 18 years of age.

Daily Fee Usage

Members may rent power carts on a pay per use basis. Availability of power carts is subject to change due to tournament bookings, weather conditions, and peak times. Members are advised to always reserve required carts at the time of booking to assist the Pro Shop with fleet management. Cart fees are charge on a per-person basis. All riders must pay for their portion, either by the use of a rider package, or by a rental fee. Failure to fully pay for use of power carts will result in a review of your membership privileges and may result in suspense or termination of playing privileges. All operators of a power cart must possess a valid driver’s license and/or be 18 years of age.

Rules of Cart Use

All power carts must be returned to the cart return area by dusk. A maximum of 2 people and 2 golf bags are permitted on a power cart at any one time. Carts must be driven in a manner that does damage the course or the cart, and does not interfere with other members or guests enjoyment of the game. At all times, carts must adhere to the direction of the Pro Shop, Course Officials, or Maintenance Staff instruction. Carts must be kept on the cart paths by tees, greens, and on all par threes. Improper use of a golf cart will result in a review of your membership privileges and may result in the loss of cart privileges. Willful damage of a power cart will result in immediate disciplinary action and the member or their guest will be held liable for the cost of repairs.

Rules & Regulations

Rules of Golf

Except as modified by local rules, all play is governed by the current regulations approved by the Royal Canadian Golf Association. For local rules, please consult the score card. Members are expected to become familiar with the local rules as well as the regular rules as stated in the Rules of Golf. Players must not practice on any part of the golf course or pitch to the practice putting green.

Any Member using the course when it is closed may have his or her playing privileges suspended for such period of time as the Management may determine.

The Listowel Golf Club Team is empowered to enforce the Club’s Rules and Regulations. Members are required to respect this authority.

Starting Procedures

The Listowel Golf Club Team has the authority to control starting in any manner that will expedite orderly and enjoyable golf. Members must always report to the Pro Shop prior to teeing off. All Members are urged to comply with the starting procedures and to be conscious of their respective pace of play.

All games shall start on the first tee (with the exception of those days which have been designated crossovers by the Listowel Golf Club) unless specific permission is, or directions to the contrary are, obtained from the Listowel Golf Club Team. Everyone must check-in in person at the Pro Shop prior to playing.


The RCGA National Handicap System is in use in the Clubhouse and is designed to give equitable handicaps no matter where golfers play.

Since Club matches and friendly games are based on handicaps, in fairness to both your opponents and your partners, it is important for all Members to have proper up-to-date handicaps.

Immediately following your round, Members should post their scores in the computer system provided. Two nine-hole scores may be used if playing within three weeks of each other. RCGA Rules provide for penalties in situations of abuse.

Members who belong to two or more clubs should record the scores of every round, regardless of the course, into each and every handicap system where they belong, in order to establish and maintain a proper handicap.

Golf Etiquette

Slow play will not be tolerated. Players should play without delay and follow right behind the group ahead at all times. To help overcome slow play, Members and guests are asked to consider the following points:

Four-ball games are recommended during periods of heavy play.

The Listowel Golf Club will group players into four-ball games at our discretion.

Prepare for your shot as you approach your ball or the tee and always be ready to play when it is your turn.

Practice continuous putting.

When you have completed a hole, pick up your ball and proceed to the next tee as quickly as possible.

Always be considerate of fellow golfers.

Players failing to maintain the pace of play, by looking for a ball or by dropping back more than one clear hole from those in front, must wave the following group through if they are not on time par. Time par for Listowel Golf Club is 4 hours and 15 minutes. The problem of slow play will be monitored throughout the season and action will be taken as considered necessary. The Course Assistant has guidelines to govern the pace of play and will take reasonable actions to correct any problems including asking a group to pick-up their balls and move ahead until they are maintaining pace directly behind the group in front of them.

Players are reminded to take great care to repair all ball marks on greens, rake bunkers and replace divots. Power carts must not be driven closer than thirty feet or as otherwise marked from all greens and tees. Carts must remain on the cart path on all par threes.

Dress Regulations

All Members and Guests must wear suitable attire at all times on the course and in and around the Clubhouse. Members are expected to dress tastefully and to comply with the Club dress code. As dress is a personal matter and as contemporary golfing attire changes from time to time any questions regarding the acceptability of any particular apparel can be reviewed with the Club Director.

Gentlemen Prohibited Dress: sleeveless shirts, fishnet shirts, no shirts and caps with garish, gaudy or vulgar slogans or blatant advertising, sweatshirts, warm-ups and sweatpants, jeans or jean cut-offs, gym shorts or any other short shorts.

Ladies Prohibited Dress: beach tank tops, fishnet tops, cut-offs, jeans, gym shorts, sweat-suits or warm-up suits are not permitted.

Footwear: Golf Sandals are acceptable, all other sandals, flip-flops, or casual dress sandals are not. Soft-spiked golf shoes or athletic shoes are also the acceptable footwear. Work boots, loafers, dress shoes or any other shoe determined by the Pro Shop to be inappropriate are not acceptable.

Guests: Members are reminded that they are responsible for the dress code violations of their Guests.

Guest Privileges

Members are responsible for all accounts and the actions of their guests, including compliance with the dress regulations and conduct on the course and clubhouse premises.

Practice Facilities

Practicing on the Golf Course is absolutely not permitted. Subject to maintenance or extreme weather conditions, the Practice Facilities will be open daily. In order to assure turf grass conditions it is paramount that everyone respects the markers or blocks indicating the designated practice areas in use on a given day. By staying within the confines of the markers and by alternating the tee markers frequently, superior turf grade conditions will be maintained for the enjoyment of all golfers.

The practice range balls are for use on the practice facilities only and not to be used on the practice putting green.

Ranges balls may not be taken for use on the golf course no matter what the circumstances.

House Accounts

Statements for all House Accounts are available online through our online booking system. Overdue fees and outstanding house accounts will be charged interest at a monthly rate of 2%.

In order to prevent discrepancies all Member chits are required to be signed and must indicate the appropriate account number. All chits that are not signed which include Food and Beverage purchases will have a 12% service charge added to them. Your account number may be given to your guests at your discretion for use at Listowel Golf Club; however Listowel Golf Club assumes no responsibility for any misuse of your house account.

Employee Relations

All Listowel Golf Club employees will be treated with respect and courtesy. Members and Guests may not abuse any employee verbally or otherwise. Listowel Golf Club does not condone or tolerate sexual harassment of any kind. Sexual harassment includes any conduct, comment, gesture or contact of a sexual nature that is likely to cause offense, humiliation or that is known or ought reasonably to be known to be unwelcome. Although the Member or Guest may not perceive their comments or actions to be discriminatory or unwelcome because the employee did not communicate their discomfort, due to the employee customer relationship they may not feel comfortable expressing this.

Listowel Golf Club will make every reasonable effort to ensure that no employee is subjected to sexual harassment. Any Member who is found to be mistreating a Listowel Golf Club employee may have his or her playing privileges suspended or terminated.


Suggestions or feedback regarding Members, employees or Club operations must be in writing to the Director of Golf & Sport.

Suggestions & Feedback

Suggestions or feedback regarding Members, employees or Club operations must be in writing to the Director of Golf & Sport.

Green Fees

Green fee rates will be determined from time to time by Management; some conditions may apply.

Tee Time Booking Policy

Tee time bookings will be accepted 10 days in advance by telephone and 14 days in advance when booking online. Members will have the ability to make their tee time reservations using the online system provided.

All bookers should be aware of the following:

a) tee times are to be booked in an accurate fashion, i.e. not booking guests when guests will not play or fictitious names in order to fill a tee time. We ask that all names are provided 48 hours in advance of the date & time. Those who do not provide accurate names on the tee sheet may be subject to loss of on-line booking privileges and/or suspension of playing privileges. Repeat offenders may be subject to being charged for the no-show guests or players listed.

b) it is our goal to fill the tee sheet with as many golfers as possible, member/guests/or public players. The Pro Shop reserves the right to book times as needed.

Member Lockers

Lockers are assigned to Members on a yearly basis and the billing cycle is January 1-December 31. Please note that it is prohibited to store golf bags in the lockers and push/pull carts will not be permitted to be stored in the locker room.

Club Storage

Members have the privilege of storing their clubs at Listowel Golf Club for the season. If you are golfing elsewhere and require your clubs from storage, please contact the Pro Shop at least one hour prior to your arrival. Equipment repairs are available through the Pro Shop. For those who use an electronic push cart, we will provide storage for the cart however, batteries and chargers will have to be stored off site.

Golf Lessons

Lessons may be arranged through the Pro Shop Only.

Non Responsibility

The Club will not, under any circumstances be responsible for the property of any person, whether damaged, lost or stolen.


Pets are not permitted on the Golf Course or in the Clubhouse, excluding service dogs.

Young Children

For the safety of everyone on the Golf Course, no strollers or small children are permitted on the Golf Course as spectators. Any children that are on the Golf Course for the purpose of playing golf must meet a reasonable standard of age as determined by the Pro Shop.

Brown Bag Policy

The Listowel Golf Club is committed to providing quality food and beverage choices at reasonable prices. For this reason, consumption of drinks and food items not purchased from the club is not acceptable. Coolers, brown bag lunches and other items should not be brought to the Listowel Golf Club – Course or Clubhouse.

Statement of Policy, the Service & Consumption of Alcohol

It is the policy of the Club that the responsibility for the conduct of each Member, his/her Family and Guests, in all matters including the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the Club premises, lies with the individual Members; that responsibility is not and cannot be assumed by the Club. The Club Director will instruct each of the Club’s employees who serve alcoholic beverages, to refuse to serve them to any person who appears to have consumed alcohol to the point of creating a potential inconvenience or danger to himself/herself, or others. Any Member who feels that his/her guest has been offended by a refusal by an employee of Listowel Golf Club is asked not to take issue with the employee but to place his/her grievance in writing, through the office of the Club Director. Any altercations or disturbances will be reported and suspension or termination of privileges will be considered by the Management.

Waiver, Variation, & Interpretation of Rules & Regulations

Notwithstanding, anything set forth in any of the Rules and Regulations, the Management may, at its discretion, waive or vary any or all of the said Rules and Regulations in any particular case. Interpretation of these Rules and Regulations by the management or by any authorized Listowel Golf Club official or employee to whom such authority is delegated by the management, is conclusive.


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